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Kinshasa Collection

Kinshasa Collection

A web series and fashion brand between Kinshasa, Guangzhou and Berlin hijacking cultural clichés, stealing its audience for a roller coaster ride through real and fake, piracy and appropriation. The hot, steamy and unforgettably entertaining affair between the famous fashionista-guerrillas of Congo and China outpaces a German film team - that came to the new fashion capital Kinshasa to shoot a trailer for a campaign aiming to change the German's public perspective on Africa but eventually ends up in bed with a head turning new fashion brand.

Kinshasa Collection is produced by PONG FILM GmbH and co-produced by GOETHE-INSTITUT KINSHASA. Funded by the TURN FUND OF THE GERMAN FEDERAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION (Kulturstiftung des Bundes) as well as by MEDIENBOARD BERLIN-BRANDENBURG and HAUS DER KULTUREN DER WELT.

The Plotline

Episode #1 - The Pitch

An influential PR agency, active throughout the country, is preparing a new image campaign, “Africa On Eye Level”, which is intended to advertise Africa as a continent and market of the future. One of the finalists in the competition held for this purpose is a three-person film team with their project “Kinshasa Collection”. Their pitch: a portrait of Kinshasa as the emerging fashion capital of Africa. To get the job, they have to pre-finance and deliver a trailer within two months.

Episode airs July 28, 2017

Episode #2 - The Venture

With limited financial means the film team travels to Kinshasa, meeting potential Congolese protagonists and partners. Soon, however, the original plan fails — too expensive, too wild a setting, and the clothes are too ethnic-looking for the planned trailer shoot. During a fashion show the Congolese line-producer threatens to leave the project. In the last second a well-connected design professor appears on the scene.

Episode airs August 11, 2017

Episode #3 - The Deal

Short of time and under pressure to succeed, the film team is introduced to the studios of trendy fashion designers and ‘influencers‘ around the city—and takes the bait. However, collaborating with these fashionistas doesn’t come without a price. A case of blackmail? Or rather the best deal for both sides?

Episode airs August 11, 2017

Episode #4 - The Investment

Upon their arrival at the African quarter in Guangzhou, the so-called “Chocolate City”, the film team is confronted with the fact that the Congolese partners don’t want to be accompanied on-site during their purchases. They argue that the presence of a “white” crew would cause complications and drive up prices. The shopping list is endless—but how and where to find jeans, shirts, and track suits in the jungle-like gigantic textile central markets? And how can the team find a way of bringing the pirated apparel back to Kinshasa while avoiding customs?

Episode airs August 25, 2017

Episode #5 - The Gamble

Back in Kinshasa, the team prepares for filming with Congolese designers; models are cast, new locations inspected. After all, the apparel that was brought back is to be combined and presented in new “Kinshasa Style” looks and outfits. A call from the Berlin agency unexpectedly disrupts preparations: the film team has been disqualified as their project proposal is seen as an advertisement for fashion pirating. Under pressure, the people involved discuss a possible alternative and finally develop the “Kinshasa Collection” fashion label, which includes various designers, based on the film’s idea. Connections to Berlin are established in order to market the outfits there.

Episode airs September 8, 2017

Episode #6 - The Label

The clothes and accessories from the “Kinshasa Collection” are shipped to Berlin. The highlight is being prepared: a big fashion show with apparel from the “Kinshasa Collection” and Congolese models at Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt, which also serves as the last episode of the film.

Episode airs September 22, 2017

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Dorothee Wenner

Assistant Director/Sound

Pascal Capitolin

Director of Photography

Jana Keuchel


Merle Kröger
Philip Scheffner

Web-Concept & Realisation

Micz Flor
Laura Oldenbourg
Michael Scharnagl


Wilfried Luzele aka LovaLova

KC Logo

Cedrick Nzolo


Patrick Ken Kalala
Tshoper Kabambi
Kadhaffi Mbuyamba
Nelson Makengo
Yubin Xie
Zimu Zhang


Alex Gerbaulet
Merle Kröger
Philip Scheffner

Co-Producer Goethe-Institut Kinshasa

Gitte Zschoch

Production Assistants

Pascal Capitolin
Ines Meier
Michael Stehr

Line-Producer Kinshasa

Tshoper Kabambi

Production Assistant Goethe-Institut Kinshasa

Stella Ramazani

Production Intern Goethe-Institut Kinshasa

Raphael Müller

Camera Assistant Kinshasa/2. Camera

Nelson Makengo

Camera Assistant Kinshasa (4. Episode) 

Ephrahim Faith Buyikana

Set-Photography Kinshasa

Catherine Trautes
Gitte Zschoch

Line-Producer/2. Camera Guangzhou

Zimu Zhang

Production Fashion Show Berlin

Goitseone Montsho

Production Assistant

Lea Grope

Fashion Designers

Daniel Mbuezo
Cedrick Nzolo
Lydie Okosa
Djo Shongo
Frau Wagner

Make-up Team

O-XUM (Adwoa Ode-Dombrow, Danielle Schmid, Iefset Sahrit)

Vogue Artists

Adrian Blount
Lee Chow


Cassianne Lawrence
Bobby Shirima
Katerina Dezer


Lova Lova
Ange Da Costa
Jee Young Sim




Domingo Stephan

Colour Correction/Mastering

Matthias Behrens

Sound Mixing

Mathias Wendt

Press Office

Ines Meier

Press Office Goethe-Institut

Viola Noll
Hannah Cuvalo

Social Media

Allason Leitz
Lucille de Witte
Luisa Sophie Hanke

Legal Consultant

Matthias Braun

Title Design Film

Mirko Winkel


alias film

Thanks to

Académie des Beaux-Arts, Kinshasa
Institut Supérieur des Arts et Métiers (ISAM), Kinshasa
Musée d’Art Contemporain et des Multimédias/Échangeur, Kinshasa
Espace Double Vision, Kinshasa
Le petit Marseillais, Kinshasa

Brookfield Properties Germany GmbH
Claus Wischmann / Berlin Producers
stadtlandfilm Filmproduktion Berlin
werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V.

Galina Amashukeli
Franziska Barišic
Jules Bitulu
Adrienne Boros
Lisa Contag
Jörg Drefs
Gerda Heck Ginan Seidl
Jakub Sobaszek
Christine Tröstrum
Sabine Vogel
Yubin Xie
Cherelle Zheng
Xiaopeng Zhou


Ines Meier
Press and Social Media Officer pong Film GmbH
Phone: +49 30 61076098

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Viola Noll
Deputy Press Officer
Goethe-Institut Capital Office
Phone: +49 30 25906 471

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