Trade routes and cultural relationships: a artistic research project by metroZones

The long termed artistic research project "Chinafrica. under construction" by Jochen Becker and Daniel Kötter (video) from metroZones aims to trace the mutual cultural relationship between China and Africa without overlooking the associated global shifts in economic and political structures. 

Working groups of artists, theorists, scientists, documentarists and social players in Lagos, Johannesburg, Lubumbashi and Guangzhou contemplated the ways in which life perspectives change due to new, international relationships and orientations; the ways in which objects and images of the “other” culture penetrate everyday life; and the ways urban spaces are transformed by the new presence of people and habits. 

The results in form of art, photography, archive materials, documentations, etc. are currently presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig. A special installation/exhibition "Chinafrica mobile" will be shown at Kunstfest Weimar. Opening Sunday 20.08. 2017